Thursday, February 14, 2019

policy and reasons your google adsense account disabled

policy and reasons your google adsense account disabled 

policy and reasons your google adsense account disabled
Has promotion serving been disabled to my account?

Your AdSense account is at present disabled for failing to agree to our program strategies. You will be not able sign into your AdSense account.

For what reason was my account disabled? Can you disclose to me progressively about the violations that were found?

You ought to have gotten a notification informing you why your account was disabled for policy reasons. Accounts might be disabled for an assortment of reasons including but not limited to the following:

Your account has an extensive history of policy violations and/or rehash policy violations.

Keep in mind that distributers are responsible for the content on each page displaying their advertisements, regardless of whether the content was made by another person, for example, on destinations with client generated content.

Your account has shown misleading conduct.

Our policy authorities found a particularly egregious site in your account. These may include but are not limited to adult content, copyright infringement, just as instances of outrageous brutality and blood.

To get familiar with the most well-known reasons that accounts are disabled, see our top explanations behind account conclusion.

Can my account be reinstated in the wake of being disabled for policy reasons?

As you may know, Google takes issues regarding program policy compliance very genuinely. Our program strategies are set up to help guarantee a positive affair for our distributers, their site visitors, and our publicists. Thusly, our decisions are commonly final.

On the off chance that you feel that this decision was made in blunder, and in the event that you can maintain in accordance with some basic honesty that the policy violations accumulated were not because of the activities or carelessness of you or those for whom you are responsible, you may claim the disabling of your account. To do as such, please get in touch with us just through our account disabled intrigue structure.

We will audit your demand when one of our masters is accessible. However, please keep in mind that we reserve the right to disable an account for violations of program strategies, and there is no guarantee that your account will be reinstated.

Please note that because of the volume of requests we get, you may just submit two interests in any given month. Any extra entries within a multi day time frame won't be reviewed.

In the event that your account was disabled for invalid movement, please visit our disabled account FAQ.

My account was disabled and my allure was denied. Is there any way I can rejoin the program? Can I open another account?
How To Get Your Google Adsense Account Banned

We understand your worry about the moves made against your account. Our activities are the aftereffect of careful investigation by our group of devoted authorities, taking into account the interests of our sponsors, distributers, and clients. Despite the fact that you may be disappointed with our decision, we can't reinstate your account.

Please additionally note that distributers disabled for policy reasons are not allowed any further interest in AdSense. Hence, these distributers may not open new accounts.

Will despite everything I be paid out for my AdSense earnings?
According to our AdSense Expressions and Conditions, distributers disabled for policy reasons may not get any further installment. Where suitable and conceivable, we'll discount your earnings to influenced promoters. Please additionally note that we place stop installments on any outstanding checks for accounts that have been disabled for policy reasons. We ask that you refrain from depositing any checks you may get later on, as your bank may charge expenses for depositing a stopped check.

Will despite everything I get tax documents for the installments I've gotten?

In the event that you've gotten an installment from us previously, you will at present get a tax document from us if essential. To find out on the off chance that you ought to expect a structure 1099 or 1042-S, please visit our Assistance Center topic

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